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Karadeniz Teknik University


About Karadeniz Teknik University:

Founded on May 20, 1955, it is the first university in Turkey founded outside Istanbul and Ankara. About 8 years after its foundation, the College of Basic Sciences, the College of Civil Engineering and Architecture, the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and the College of Forestry were created. The university started its educational activities at the elementary school building of Ataturk Primary School located in Esentepe district of Trabzon on December 2, 1963. Later in 1966, she moved to her current campus. With the university booming rapidly, faculty members were employed in the Faculties of Earth Sciences and Medicine under Law No. 1659 on January 4, 1973. After the issuance of the Higher Education Law No. 2547 In 1981, the university accelerated its expansion with the opening of new colleges and departments. Today Karadeniz Technical University is one of the distinguished universities in Turkey with 12 colleges, one school, 6 graduate schools, 8 vocational schools, 24 research and application centers, in addition to 2077 well-qualified academics and 40,000 students from 81 provinces in Turkey and many From different countries.

Why Karadeniz Teknik University?

Starting from being one of the oldest Turkish universities that reflected to the world the state’s interest in science and knowledge diffusion, its history of scientific and practical achievements, its interest in its society and the development of everything that can be developed for its service, and due to its distinguished location in one of the most beautiful Turkish cities with a captivating nature and stunning views, and For its interest in providing everything necessary to ensure the comfort of its students; The Cardinals University is one of the most important options for all students.





Karadeniz Teknik University in numbers:

  • Local ranking: 21.
  • International ranking: 1451.
  • Faculties: 12 Faculties one school, 6 graduate institutes, 8 vocational schools, and 24 research and application centers



Local and international recognition,

The university enjoys the recognition of the Turkish Ministry of Education and the Turkish Accreditation Authority (YOK), and is characterized by many agreements with universities and accreditation of many international bodies.

Mission, Vision and Values:

Raising open individuals for development, encouraging the development of high-level scientific and technological products, and pioneering community development and welfare.


To be a national and international favorite university with all educational services, scientific activities and cultural environment it provides.


  • Possessing universal values, respecting human rights and favoring the rule of law
  • Adhere to the basic values of the Turkish Republic
  • Seeking excellence in education
  • Adopting an ethical approach
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Preference for freedom and discipline
  • Make knowledge-based decisions and lead the information society
  • Adopt total quality management
  • Openness to all kinds of cooperation for the welfare of society
  • Embrace team spirit
  • Valuation of culture and art