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About Bahçeşehir University:

The slogan “In the Heart of Istanbul” is suitable for a university such as Behçeşehir University, which is one of the strongest and largest universities in Turkey, and distinguished by its strategic location in Istanbul, Europe, where its main campus is located on the edge of the Bosphorus in Beşiktaş, established in 1998.The first thing that draws your attention when entering our university is the large number of foreign students. From the United States to China, and from France to South Korea, from a wide geographical area extending to more than a thousand foreign students studying at the Behçeşehir University.

Why Bahçeşehir University:

Behçeşehir International University provides university students an opportunity to receive education from very different points Behçeşehir International University is able to achieve this through Berlin, Toronto, Washington, DC, Batumi, Cyprus, Hanoi, Kiev Puebla and Brockwell. “Bahçeşehir International University” allows students to continue their education in all Behçeh Shahir International University centers abroad and provides all program support.


University awards:

The “Best Brand” award in 2007 Behçeşehir University won the championship award twice in a row in the category “Exporting Education” at the 500 Turkey’s Major Exporters Awards presented by the Turkish Exporters Association during 2017 and 2018.

Bahçeşehir University in numbers:

  • Local ranking: 41.
  • International ranking: 1965.
  • Number of students: 17487 students.
  • Faculties: 9 Faculties, more than 100 departments and 3 institutes.





Local and international recognition,

Behçeşehir University is recognized by the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK).

Mission, Values and Vision:

Development of research and development in general to produce, protect and publish information that can raise living standards in our country and humanity; To develop critical, creative and business people who can participate in pioneering and innovative initiatives and businesses that increase the well-being and happiness of our country and the people of the world, it is also a university that aims to contribute to the problems facing our country, our people, the state, the industry, and non-governmental organizations with innovative solutions.


To be a world-class, distinguished research university leading in the production of information and technology.


  • To provide continuous improvement in the number of publications in the relevant fields through carrying out research and development activities to produce, protect and publish information that would raise living standards in our country and humanity.
  • Continuously improving the quality of education, research and development, and service operations, to add value to our students and all of our stakeholders and allow our students to shape their own learning experiencesAffiliation and Citizenship: Deepening belonging to the homeland among the members of the two bodies: teaching, administrative, and students.
  • Treating our students and all our stakeholders with fairness, reputation, kindness and respect, to regularly monitor all policies and processes in a team spirit, to improve organizational activities and talents through a review,
  • Contribute to the problems that society faces by finding creative solutions.