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Aksaray University

About Aksaray University:

Aksaray University is a public higher education institution founded on March 17, 2006 in Aksaray, Central Anatolia, Turkey. Previously it was a sub-unit at the University of Nidah, and Aksaray University provides education with its global technical devices and fields of application,
And selected faculty.

Why Aksaray University?

Aksaray University is distinguished by the implementation of educational, research and scientific activities by 798 experienced, dynamic and specialized faculty members and 317 full-time administrative staff at the university, which drew attention with its achievements in international and national circles. Thus, Aksaray University has become a large institution with an enrollment of 24,000.

The university also works with great determination to reach the level of contemporary civilization, changing and using education and training techniques in the best way, and tries to develop goals in the future, adopts teamwork in various fields, and tries to understand the world as a whole in the changing information age, by educating qualified teachers Those who scientifically understand the problems of the country and the world and are able to produce fruitful solutions by conducting scientific research at the national and international levels at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the fields of general and special education.

 Aksaray University in numbers:

  • Local ranking: 70.
  • International ranking: 2689.
  • Number of students: 23 thousand students.
  • 12 Faculties, 6 vocational schools, 3 institutes. 17 research centers.




Local and international recognition,

Aksaray University has full accreditation from the Turkish Ministry of Education and is directly linked with the following bodies: RESMİ GAZETE, YÖK, ÖSYM, YURTLAR, in addition to many local and international agreements.

Mission, Vision and Values:

By focusing on the needs of all stakeholders, training a qualified workforce that can use information and technology and contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of the region and the country by using competitive methods and adopting innovative processes.


The University is a partner in the development of science and technology through the production of useful information and innovations worldwide on the basis of cooperation between industry and society.


Scientific, transparency, commitment to ethical values, quality and efficiency, participation, competitiveness.